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If i eat 1kg milk chocolate before sleeping , what will happen? How much sugar and fat from it will my body consume?  I mean milk chocolates like twix, snickers.... if i eat one chocolate a day i.e 180 calories if i eat all of them in one day..would it be consumed by my body or get stored into fat?

I don't recommend chocolate milk normally for 90% of the individuals. But question is, why would you take it before sleep? You can even take pure table sugar and not get fat. It's not about calories. Sports drinks are all full of sugar. But people forget when they were supposed to take it. You see kids having redbull after school. That's just plain WRONG. You do that right after you are done with a race, a long fight or a tough training session. And that is if you don't have high body fat already.

It's about the glycemic index (how fast it raises blood sugars) of food, when you take it, and how anabolic the food is. Milk chocolate might be a bit anabolic but taking it before sleep can be disastrous if you have average genetics and tend to put on fat easily. It won't make you muscle either.

You see, when your body digests carbs it releases the hormone Insulin. Insulin regulates blood sugars. It will try not to let blood sugars too high, and will tell you to get in carbs if sugar levels drop. Now, Insulin is one of the most anabolic hormones there is. How? It can drive carbohydrates into your muscle cells and pump them up. But when does that actually happen? That happens when your blood, liver and muscle glycogen is extremely low. When is that? Right after you wake up, right after exercise, or when you have gone too long without carbs in your diet. In that case, even if you took a lot of high glycemic carbs (sugars, white flour, etc) you release a lot of insulin, however, since there is so much demand for carbs in your muscles, liver, and blood, the hormone will push all the carbs into your muscle cells and liver. Fat storage is not a priority here. If your blood sugar is already high OR if there is no need for extra carbs in your muscles, the same hormone, insulin, which can be very anabolic, will drive the carbs into your fat cells, make you fat, insulin insensitive, leptin (major hormone regulating metabolism, body weight and hunger) insensitive, lower the production of your good hormones like Growth Hormone, IGF, Testosterone etc. Your blood sugar is normally very high by night since you have had a couple meals since morning and it wouldn't make sense to make it go higher when there is no place for it to go except the fat stores.

Milk chocolate is not your best choice whether you want to get lean, put on muscle or whatever else. If you want to get fat go for it. You can't go wrong with whole foods for carbs - rice, potato, sweet potato etc.

If you have great genetics and can almost be a garbage can and still not get fat, and if you are not concerned about your health in the long run, then, I wouldn't stop you having it.

Answer is, it would make you fat before sleep.

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