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Have you ever told yourself "If I only knew then what I know now"? Well, we are here to make sure you don't say that to yourself 10 years from now about your fitness and nutrition. I have heard it a thousad times and I wouldn't like to hear it from YOU. As the only truly qualified fitness professionals in town, we are determined to get you that lean, healthy and strong body faster and healthier and make sure you keep it.

What is Omnifarious and what makes it different from other gyms?

Omnifarious is the only gym in the South Asian subcontinent and Middle East to be certified by Precision Nutrition of John Berardi (Phd Nutrition), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) USA, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) USA, and Functional Movement Systems of Gray Cook (world’s top physical therapist & orthopedic specialist) all together! These are the top certification organizations in the world currently producing the best specialists in the health and fitness industry. Yes, we are proud of our qualifications. But we are even more proud of our results. How do we get results? By creating a PLAN that suits YOU rather than fitting you into a cookie-cutter plan. We constantly strive to exceed expectations and we know you won't be disappointed.

Why Choose Omnifarious?

We all spend a lot of time and money these days trying to get in shape, but we lack specific information for our individual circumstances and goals. What works for one person might actually take another person away from his or her goal. It's that simple. You need to know EXACTLY what works for YOU.  We have learnt not to guess, but to assess. We set plans, we implement a strategy, we monitor progress, and we get results. That’s our core value. This value drives us to be the best at what we do, whether it's learning the latest techniques of training, nutrition, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, or injury rehabilitation. We have been producing outstanding results for the past two and half years, and we know that we have brought about permanent healthy changes in our clients' lives. Their exercise is no more about fat-loss. They now ENJOY it. It's no more a struggle to lose weight. Keeping lean is their nature. It's who they are now.

What Results Should I Expect?

You can expect any realistic result you wish for. Depending on your goal, we can help you enhance body composition, improve performance, improve health markers, build sport-specific strength, learn the most cutting-edge tricks of training specificity, boost self-esteem, engage in creative exercise, or just feel damn good!  The easiest of all is changing body composition. Seriously, after being with us you will learn that it's actually very EASY to stay lean, strong and healthy. Is it simple? Maybe not for some.  But is it complicated? Not at all, when you have a plan and you get it done. We make sure you have the right plan and stay on track. If it can be measured, it can be achieved.  And no, we don't have crazy boot-camps or 30-second jumping-jack interval classes. Neither do we push Atkins or Ornish or only-green-tea diets. We make sure you stay well-nourished and full, get stronger, and lose fat all at the same time, all the time.

How Does It Work?

We will sit down and talk about your goals. Depending on these goals, we will design the right plan for you. You can train with us in the gym if you want to feel healthier and stronger, or you can stay at home and follow our fun and creative nutrition plans that will get your results so fast you would almost think something might be wrong with you. Or you could do both -- train with us and follow our nutrition coaching. Most of our clients follow our nutrition plans to keep bodyweight in check, and work out with us because they want to get strong, feel healthier, and build lean muscles that work as good as they look. Fat-loss is the last thing we think about in the gym. Remember, you can't out-train a poor diet. Yes, you can get strong with training only, but it's what you do in the 165 hours of the week outside the gym that makes you lose fat. It's what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat what. We will take care of all of that while giving you a lot of options to chose from.

We will equip you with tools that GET you LEAN and KEEP you LEAN for the rest of your life. We truly believe that you will forever learn what it takes to have the health and figure you want!  This will be an investment you make not only for you, but for your family and your future.

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