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Hey there. What do you think about the "Afterburn Effect". Is it really something effective or just a myth?

"Good question. EPOC definitely does exist to a good extent and we do base some of our clients' plans on it but people's problem is not that they don't create enough afterburn. It's that they refuel the tanks way more than needed and plans that create a lot of the so called "afterburn" only make you more ravenous. Please note that I am not saying people should eat less. You can eat a lot more than you can imagine if you know what to eat and how much you need of what based on your goals.

I haven't seen too many super lean people who use these systems. Gyms want more people in an out and will only be able to do that if they push such systems. 'Get done in 20 minutes' or 'three 30-min sessions and fat-loss guaranteed'. Sort of like the fast food model. You can't expect optimal results with any system if you don't know what 'nutrition' system you should follow.

Methods will change but principles will never. With good nutrition you just have to work out the right dose. Without the knowledge of nutrition the only way out will be to just work out harder and harder. 95% of the people are just not fit enough to handle anything close to these sorts of workouts and plateaus and injuries won't be too far. The results will not live long either. A better system is one that fits the plan to the individual rather than fitting the individual to the plan."

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